For I Am Fearless | Jess G

A trail of sins chained to me, 
I search for thee in my call to repent, 
Towards the chapel - my hand the key 
To inner awareness I’ve ascent. 
What lies ahead in the unknown abyss, 
Apprehension drawn from my body as I am blessed, 
I look to you - am I ready for this? 
You urge me to follow and continue the quest 

For father, thou art my saviour, 
Through times of uncertainty, secure as monarch to throne 
And like a soldier decorated in armour, 
You’ll fight for my freedom until your gravestone.  
In your presence I am fearless, 
For I know I may be weak - yet you make me strong 
As even through times of loss or illness, 
You shelter me from the storm and empower me to belong. 
Eternally you are by my side, 
Every hidden sacrifice, 
Through it all you stride bravely and guide 
Me to safer shores that thou deem shall suffice. 
	 'He will never leave you, nor forsake you’ 
As true as deuteronomy speaks 
‘do not be afraid; do not be discouraged’ 
For he shall protect those that seek. 
In your presence I am fearless, 
For through all weathers I have known 
I am not alone in the vast orbiting stillness, 
as thou shall nurture and teach me until I am grown. 
Each year I light a candle to your ascension 
And closely watch the warmth of the flame fill the room, 
Its body’s lively allegro catching attention 
Alike the risen from the tomb. 
After eighteen years I vow to thee, 
From my family one is now parted 
For you loosened the chains guiding me, 
Now I shall disembark courageous and stout-hearted. 
In your presence I am fearless, 
Yet in your absence thou art still with me 
For in every step I see your faithfulness 
And know it is time to be set free.  
In your presence I am fearless, 
For through the years you have taught your vower. 
In your absence I shall be fearless, 
For you have given me a spirit of power. 

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