Swamp Monster | by Emily

“Don’t go there,” they warned. “It’s not safe… there are rumours of people who have gone there and never come back. Please, don’t push your luck, Chester. It’s dangerous.” The more his parents said, the more he wanted to explore the ancient swamp-Ish forest that lies just past the end of the garden. Nobody really owned it, they’ve never wanted to, besides, what would anyone gain from that horrid place. He was about to find out.

Now that Chester was in this mysterious and widely unknown mess, choices were soon regretted and more bad decisions were made. Emerging from the shadows was a tall Swamp Monster brandishing its long branch-like arms that were already clutching on to a poor, vulnerable animal who was hanging on for dear life. Chester, on the other hand thought he knew what he was doing from those man vs monster movies that he’d seen and always wanted to be in. He wanted everyone to think he was a hero. Enough daydreaming, he was now face – to – face with a human eating beast! Just a breath away from becoming its dinner! Chester and the Swamp Monster made eye contact for the first time. Nor Chester or the Swamp Monster moved a muscle. All went silent. And for those brief few seconds everything was still.

Quick to respond to the failure of Plan A, Chester found a pile of wet, dirty fallen branches and leaves. Finally, Chester saw a lame old branch that he could barely hold it was so big. The perfect weapon. Big, sharp and good grip.

Chester wanted to go home. But this creature was stood in front of him, clueless, armed, disgusting and scared. Scared? It was scared too! Chester realized in what felt like 3 days later than he should’ve done. He wasn’t prepared for a swamp monster… So, a swamp monster couldn’t be prepared to see a kid in its forest. 1… 4… now 6 steps closer to the strange beast, still clutching that same heavy twig. Not sure if he needed it. The monster stepped back, still watching the boy. Both putting down weapons, Chester stumbled across the rough floor and tripped! Snapping sticks and rustling leaves trying to stand. Cautiously, Swamp Monster bent down to human height and helped him up with a skeleton-like hand.

Chester, after a brisk lift home (to the edge of the forest would be more accurate from his new SECRET friend. Once Chester had snuck through the back door.) everything seemed so dull… and normal.

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