Eco Team Fundraising

Over the past year, the Eco Team have completed a range of fundraising events in order to help people raise their quality of life in more disadvantaged parts of the world. Two specific charities we targeted were Adopt A Goat and Toilet Twinning; we ran a number of events, including a Onesie Day for which everybody paid £1 and also cake and bake sales; additionally the Eco Team sold frozen refreshments at Sports Day in order to raise funds.

In the Junior School, a ‘Spend a Penny’ event was organised, involving students throwing money into a toilet bowl in the Junior School foyer (a highly original form of fundraising and many thanks to Mrs Greenbank for organising this).

The outcome of these events was that we raised sufficient funds to adopt several goats (two goat couples), which went to families in Sub Saharan Africa. We also twinned toilets with the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone, helping a remote rural area and a refugee camp for people displaced by conflict.

We hope to continue this success over the next academic year by beginning to fundraise for disaster relief following recent earthquakes and hurricanes.