Femsock’s Personal Space Planets

Top Tips from the femsock team for meantal health and personal space:

  • If you go to hug a friend, check how well you know them… they may not feel comfortable.
  • Only put yourself in places and locations that you know to be safe or sensible for you
  • As soon as you feel uncomfortable, actively try to remove yourself from the situation​
  • Recognize signs that someone doesn’t want to talk e.g. headphones in or reading
  • A person may be happy with you in their personal space one day, but it may change. Be mindful their ideals may be different on a different occasion or day
  • Try not to invade someone’s personal space
  • Be confident enough to say ‘no’ or ‘please don’t touch me’​
  • Try and advocate for others and if someone looks uncomfortable ask them if they are okay

Image Link: https://wallpaperaccess.com/full/17927.jpg (05/02/21)