Top 10 Inventions of 2017 | Eeman Y and Olivia R

“New year, new me!” This is the usual cringeworthy saying to explain and show the beginning of a new era, a fresh start, the turning over of a new leaf, the next chapter of a book or, in this case, the latest technologies. We have what, we think, are the Top Ten Inventions of 2017! Let’s go…

10. Nintendo Switch

First off on our list we have as Number 10 the Nintendo Switch. This gadget would likely be more popular with the younger generations, although anyone is free to use it. Originally the device was made to be used as an easily transportable video game, complete with two consoles able to allow multi-player games. It’s extremely handy and entertaining on long, dull car rides or for just relaxing at home on your couch.

9. DJI Spark

Next, at Number 9 is the DJI Spark, which definitely will be lesser known to the public, but is just the company’s name for an airborne drone. It’s mostly used for taking artistic photos and images, but could similarly be used for making maps of a landscape; or, more seriously, for search and rescue missions. This clever design would help the authorities in scanning a large surface area more easily, more quickly and more efficiently as well! So, as well as being an ordinary tool for future photographers or filmmakers, it saves lives on a daily basis too.

8. Tasty One Top

For Number 8, we thought that the Tasty One Top was a pretty good fit! The Tasty One Top is a beneficial, smart device which can change its temperature when you are cooking so you can avoid getting things wrong when you guess. It will even tell you when your meal is ready or if you need to give it a stir, for example. As a nation, we are obsessed with finding new ways to create meals that are both edible, delicious and really healthy and good for you! Maybe more devices will follow after this one that will help us to be original with dishes that are low in fat.

7. Molekule

Coming up is our Number 7 … Molekule. The device purifies the air and can help those who have breathing difficulties or just want to breathe clean and fresh air. It can be particularly beneficial for people who live in larger cities such as London or New York, especially when pollution is a more significant and a bigger problem in these more populated cities. Perhaps this device could help combat our difficult situation with global warming?

6. Nike Pro Hijab

At Number 6 we have the Nike Pro Hijab. This specific sportswear encourages and helps women who choose to wear a hijab to participate in more sports and feel comfortable enough when they are doing sport, making sure it is appropriate for the religion. It is all one piece and made out of a wicking fabric. It isn’t overly expensive or hard to find and it could assist women that enjoy sports activities to proudly join in those games.

5. Bempu

Now, as Number 5, there is…Bempu! This neat device helps new mothers and fathers in developing countries to tell when their newborn is getting too cold to prevent them from getting hypothermia and can also warn of overheating. We find it mind-blowing that a small, simple device can stop death rates from increasing every year. Bempu uses an improved thermometer to monitor the baby’s temperature and, when they get too hot or cold, the wrist band flashes, alerting the parents to it straight away. This means that in developing countries, more children will live to adulthood.

4. NASA Mars Insight

On the slightly more technical side for Number 4 we have chosen the NASA Mars Insight. This module is made to help us find out if there really is life on Mars by taking important readings and scans of the planet. Other NASA modules have always brought back detailed and stunning photos, maybe this one will bring us one step closer to answering the question: is there life out there?

3. iPhone X

The Number 3 is, of course, the iPhone X! This device is packed full of tech, you can even turn yourself into a talking emoji. It was officially released on 3 November 2017, around two months after the previous iPhone 8 came out. Although expensive, the iPhone X has lived up to all the expectations that the other phones had brought with them. It’s handy for simple everyday tasks and can be quite entertaining to discover all the new tools.

2. Fenty Beauty

And second to last in Number 2 is … Fenty Beauty. The inventor of this cosmetics line – Robyn Rihanna Fenty, a singer, songwriter and actress – created this company to enable women of colour to buy makeup products that match and complements their skin tone perfectly. Because everyone knows that when you don’t have a foundation that matches your skin … then the whole look is basically ruined!

1. Fidget Spinner

To end this list we have chosen the FIDGET SPINNER as Number 1! We thought it should especially be here as it was a massive craze in 2017. Although it was not actually invented that year (it was originally created by Catherine Hettinger in the 1980s) it was brought back by Scott McCoskery. The fidget spinner was originally used to allow children to fidget or do something with their hands, helping with autism and ADHD.

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